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Welcome to Faith United Church, the church without a church building! 28 years ago, when Faith United was founded in Kingston East, land on Highway 15 was purchased for the construction of a church, but eventually the new congregation decided that they would rather put their energy into being a caring community than into a church building. That’s why we meet every Sunday morning at La Salle Secondary School in the lovely Little Theatre, and at the end of the morning, walk out without a worry about leaking roofs or sputtering furnaces!

I love working at Faith United precisely because this is a wonderfully caring group of people. They are smart, not at all dogmatic, and seriously interested in exploring questions of spirituality and truth without judgement on anyone else’s point of view. Our tag line reads “Faith United Church encourages and supports each person’s unique journey of faith”, and they mean it! Often, after the service, we will grab our coffees and cookies and return to the Theatre to discuss the content of the service or continue with a book study. And every Sunday, after all of that, some of us usually head out to a local pub for lunch!

What about that piece of undeveloped land? Currently, we are talking with many people from the Indigenous community in Kingston in order to create together a “Garden for Reflection and Reconciliation”. The intention is that it would be a place where Indigenous sacred medicine plants could be grown, ceremony and teachings could happen, and education could happen. If this vision inspires you, please be in touch!

We are currently in the midst of the season of Lent leading to Easter. We view Lent not as a time for self-chastisement or ‘giving up’, but as a time for exploring the invitation of the Divine to ‘make new’ some part of our lives that needs the touch of grace. But, Lent or beyond, come and join us any Sunday! You will enjoy it, and we will enjoy warmly welcoming you!

(Rev. Dr.) Nan Hudson

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    Sunday Services at 9:30 am
    (Join us for Coffee and Snacks after the service at 10:30 am)


    LaSalle Little Theatre
    LaSalle Secondary School on Highway 15


    (613) 549-4320

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